DGA Assist
What do we do?
dga-assist specializes in the valuation of businesses. We apply transparency to make three issues concrete: What is the value of a business? Why is that business worth so much (or perhaps so little)? And how does the value of a business increase?
Who do we work for?
dga-assist works for business owners and their advisors (lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax consultants, accountants, intermediaries).

What’s in our name?
dga, Dutch abbreviation for director and major shareholder (DMS) , is synonymous with business owner. Assist is a term from the sporting world: a cross or a pass that leads to a goal. It sums up our mission and vision in a single word: contribute to the success of the business owner who does not have to face up to things single-handedly.
Are you a business owner?
dga-assist can provide insight into the value of your most valuable asset: your business. Read more »

Are you a lawyer or advisor to a business owner?
dga-assist provides the financial-economic foundation for your defense or advice. Read More »

valuation & coaching

Wouddijk 1
3238 LG Zwartewaal
telefoon: 0181 28 45 65
email: info@dga-assist.nl
kvk: 290 35 097