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Why valuation?

Do you know what your business is worth? We mean really know, not just guessing. Many owners simply don’t know. And yet nothing is more important than the value of your business. That is why dga-assist is happy to make the value of your business clear and help increase its value.
As owner, you are occupied with the day-to-day affairs of your business, and less with the value of the business. Nevertheless, managing for business value is of the utmost importance for your company. You really shouldn’t be working on anything else. That is why we can help you. It's not just that we clearly set out the current value of your business. Using Value-Based Management, we also work together with you to increase that value.
Value creation is paramount at dga-assist. Managing for business value is a condition of value creation. We offer customized business coaching so you can introduce this correctly.
The relevance of valuation
A valuation gives business owners and their advisors a grip on operational management, mergers and acquisitions or conflicts. A good valuation is built on sound investigation. It is for good reason that Register Valuators form a separate professional group. dga-assist is affiliated with the Netherlands Institute of Register Valuators. We give you clear insight into the value of a business. With dga-assist you are taking on board a reliable and accurate valuator.
Moments of valuation
Valuation has relevance when things are going well, but also when the business is not doing so well. During the good times, for instance, valuation is useful for planned business succession or growth through acquisition. Valuation provides an indication of the asking price or the bid price. When times are tougher, valuation proves its worth in conflicts with business partners. A good valuation can help dispel a difference of opinion, and thus aid conflict resolution. We can also provide a second opinion for a valuation presented by a different party.
Another example is valuation upon the divorce of the DMS. If the shares of the private limited company are part of the statutory community of property, the value of those shares must be established to enable the division of this statutory community of property. An important aspect to this is an integral approach for equalizing the pension, setting the maintenance amount and the value appraisal of the business.
Value management
Valuation offers more than just ad hoc solutions. When valuation is performed regularly, it can also be used as a management tool, a measuring instrument and as the starting point for value management.
Relevance of Value-Based Management
As a business owner, you basically have just one aim: the highest possible value of your business. Your other objectives are sub-objectives. But why should you strive towards the highest possible value, and why not towards maximizing profits or continuity, for instance?
Value takes timing and risk of the cash flows into consideration, as well as other stakeholders. As a shareholder you come last in line. In other words: suppliers, employees, the tax office and providers of loans are rewarded first, and only then do you, shareholder, have your turn. Only when you as a shareholder are also given a chance will your business operate successfully.
A high value is important for now, but most certainly for later as well. The size of your pension depends on it. dga-assist helps in management for business value. Together with you we examine business processes and ways to set them up more efficiently and effectively. We give you practical solutions that result in your business gaining higher value.

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