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Why dga-assist?

The value of dga-assist
Valuation is partly a matter of precise, technical calculations. Technical knowledge is a precondition for producing a proper valuation, but itís not enough on its own. When we perform a valuation, the capability to make judgments possibly plays an even more crucial part. Every valuation is different. At dga-assist we approach each valuation with a human (even female) touch.
We deliver excellent calculations, but we are also able to make appraisals and communicate clearly.
The results we calculate are translated for you into reports that are clear and easy to read. Clear language, so you have no trouble in gaining insight into the value of your business. Our procedures and rates are just as clear and transparent. You can read more about that here.
The face
The driving force behind dga-assist is Gerda Briggeman. She is an expert valuator and registered as Register Valuator in the register of SWBO and is a member of the NIRV. She graduated cum laude in the Master of Business Valuation at TiasNimbas Business School and was thus also entitled to sit the examination at the SWBO. She completed the legal education to become a Judicial Expert at the University of Leiden and is registered in the National Register of Legal Experts (LRGD).
A Register Valuator must adhere to rules of conduct and profession drawn up by the SWBO in cooperation with the NIRV. One of those rules of conduct is submission to the established complaints handling scheme and disciplinary proceedings. For you this means the certainty of reliable and professional service. You can read more about the rules of conduct and profession here.
Registered legal experts have to act in accordane with LRGD's code of conduct. Click here for this code of conduct.
Gerda Briggeman is strong in figures, but she is also personally involved. Her years of experience in related services and her Master of Finance Small and Medium Enterprises studies at the TiasNimbas Business School stand her good stead in her work as a business coach. She specializes in the integral coaching of DSMís.
Gerda Briggeman may work independently, but that certainly doesnít mean she works on her own. She has at her disposal a whole network of specialists who can supplement the services of dga-assist where necessary. dga-assist also has collaborative arrangements with other Register Valuators to form ad-hoc teams for large and international projects.

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