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Value appraisals
We offer three clear solutions for the valuation of your business. The outcome of each valuation is a valuation report that offers a conclusion about the value of the business. The difference is the nature and depth of the work performed and the extensiveness of the report. The more and the deeper the analyses, the greater the degree of reliability that can be attributed to the conclusion.
Valuation A
This is a value appraisal based on a statistical investigation of your business. We build a valuation model on the basis of your financial track record and statistical future plans. The various assumptions are substantiated on the basis of professional judgment.
This valuation is appropriate if you need an indication of the asking price of your business and you want to orientate yourself in managing for business value.
This exploratory valuation is usually insufficient for conflict situations.
You are provided with a conclusion about the value, in the form of a clear calculated value report written in understandable language. (from 2.500,= excl. VAT)
Valuation AA
The value appraisal is extended with a number of analyses and research to strengthen the substantiation of the assumptions.
You are provided with a conclusion about the value, in the shape of a clear summary valuation report written in understandable language. (from 3.750,= excl. VAT)
The summary valuation is suitable for managing for business value and if you want an indication of the asking price of your business. The substantiation of the internal and external analysis is brief. This summary valuation is usually insufficient for conflict situations.
Valuation AAA
This is the most extensive approach and you are assured of a completely "bulletproof" substantiated valuation. This can be essential in situations in which another party is disputing your valuation, for instance in legal proceedings. This valuation consists of a comprehensive internal and external analysis and a SWOT integration analysis. The investigation is based partly on a business visit and interviews. The comprehensive valuation provides total insight into the issues that determine value for your business, and thus answers the question of how you can increase the value of your business.
You are provided with a conclusion about the value, in the shape of a clear and comprehensive valuation report written in understandable language. (from 5.500,= excl. VAT)
A logical follow-up to this valuation is our offer of appropriate business coaching in management for business value. You can find more information about that here.
Upgrades, Discounts, Urgent Service
A value appraisal or a summary valuation can still be supplemented and turned into a comprehensive valuation.
If you need several valuations or you are a frequent customer, you can make use of attractive discounts.
Do you need a valuation as quickly as possible? Our urgent service makes it possible to get one.
Contact us for more information..
Different solutions for different situations

Valuation AAA
comprehensive valuation report
Valuation AA
summary valuation report
Valution A
calculated value report
On-site visit Yes No No
External analysis Yes Ja, concise No
Internal analysis Yes Ja, concise No
SWOT integration analysis Yes No No
Suitable for
  • conflict situation
  • managing for business value
  • underpinning asking price
  • managing for business value
  • indication of asking price
  • orientation into managing for business value
  • indication of asking price
NOT suitable for  
  • conflict situation
  • conflict situation

Business coaching

Managing for business value should be the first matter of importance in a business. Do the things that contribute to creating value and stop everything else! With effective business coaching we help you to introduce value management to your business. A value appraisal of your business serves as the starting point. We work on that with you to develop your business further. There are three core aspects to this: growth, improvement of returns and risk reduction.

Those aspects can take us to many areas in business studies: strategy, organization, marketing, logistics and financial management. Strategy and financial management in particular do not get sufficient attention in the day-to-day business operations. And in those areas we can supplement you wonderfully. dga-assist has its own valuable perspective on these matters: we are not you and we are not overloaded with the daily details.
Our rate for Business Coaching is 160,= per hour excl. VAT..

If you make use of our Coaching Credits (similar to strip tram cards and valid indefinitely), you can achieve a discount of up to 15%. One Coaching Credit is equivalent to a half hour of consultancy. We work with three bundles (amounts excl. VAT):
[10 Credits 785,=], [24 Credits 1.825,=] en [48 Credits 3.265,=].

valuation & coaching

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